Monday, February 28, 2011


The Wiltern was explosive Friday (2/25) when electro-rock powerhouse Pendulum invaded the stage and took the crowd as their prisoners. However, we've come to expect nothing less from Pendulum as their thrashing soundscapes consistently cause a frenzy of fist-pumping acrobats to rush the dance floor and rage. 

I'm here to open your eyes to INNERPARTYSYSTEM!!!!

This opening act assuredly challenged the concept of a "warm-up" act and instead set The Wiltern on Fire!!! Those arriving sporadically during their opening set were observant and truly hesitant to indulge in what appeared to be a lesser known act. However, Innerpartysystem picked up fans with each and every song. More and more became enticed into an electronic ecstasy (all puns intended) as the show progressed. The most eye-popping aspect of the show was the crowd reaction to their last song "American Trash", a strong single coming off their upcoming Never Be Content EP. You would have thought The Prodigy entered the building because when the beat dropped during American Trash, the place blew up hard!!!

Get more info on Innerpartysystem asap!!!

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