The Source: 3 New Tracks...Great Sound for Hollywood Undead

Monday, February 7, 2011

3 New Tracks...Great Sound for Hollywood Undead

Hollywood Undead has released 3 Tracks from their much anticipated sophomore album American Tragedy, due out in March 8th, 2011.

Below I've posted "Been to Hell" which is a lyrical onslaught that tells the story of those thousands of dreamers that cruise to Hollywood in hopes of making it big. However, most people don't work hard enough to survive and fail miserably. The verse hits hard but the chorus hits harder! Not to mention it's catchy as all hell and cannot be ignored.

Below that I have posted "Hear Me Now" which is the first single off the new album. I'm not quite as fond of this track as I am of "Been to Hell" however it's clear that HU has expanded their sound. In this song we hear a little more polished rock sound with cleaner melodies.

"Comin' In Hot" is the 3rd track that has been revealed and it's a great one! A little harder to find (especially on YouTube) but it's worth searching for!

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  1. Get Murdered son, these guys are a modern day Vanilla Ice - A one trick Pony with less talent. Put yer Hammer pants on kiddies.