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Monday, January 31, 2011


What does the public think of the Lineup?

Well as usual most are disappointed, but I’ve yet to ever see a festival lineup that satisfies everyone. Additionally, after all the complaints are voiced on blogs, forums, etc. the same ignorant masses that bitched about the line-up will still drag their haggard asses down to the festival and have a great fucking time! So before you rant and rave that the line-up is “too main stream…” or that your favorite “hardcore band isn’t there…” take a second to listen to each band’s music, and know that each group is there because they have achieved a certain level of success in the industry.

With that said, I think this line-up is too main stream and my favorite bands aren’t even there!
Hahaha just kidding guys

I think this line-up has a lot to offer. Disturbed and Godsmack are mainstream, YES, okay get over it. They have always put on great shows and will surely up the ante for Mayhem! Then we have the thrash metal legends MEGADETH!!! While I too am curious as to why they are not headlining, I think just the fact that they’re there really improves the quality of the tour.

The supporting bands are very diverse and will surely draw a good crowd. Heavy hitters like Suicide Silence, Trivium, and Machine Head should spark mosh pits that leave the participants dirty, tired, and bloody. Just the way we like it right?

Whether or not the world loves the line-up is yet to be seen (attendance will prove real opinions) but one thing is clear, the bands are pumped and ready for Mayhem!

"Strap yourself in and hold on tight, cuz this ride goes reeeeeal fassst this summer," exclaims Godsmack vocalist Sully Erna. "Godsmack/Disturbed, Mayhem festival!! Can't fu@?kin' wait!!!"

Mainstage guitarist Dan Donegan of Disturbed emotes, "Disturbed is looking forward to being part of the biggest summer tour in the U.S. this year. It's been years since we shared the stage with Godsmack and we've been wanting to team up with them and join forces for a longtime. Megadeth has been a big inspiration to us and we are looking forward to the other bands rounding out what seems to be a solid bill."

Also, mainstage performer Megadeth's lead guitarist and frontman Dave Mustaine adds, "This is going to be a helluva hot summer, and you can get ready for true Mayhem this year." 

Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival 2011 tour dates:

***Jul. 09 - San Manuel Amphitheater - San Bernardino, CA
Jul. 10 - Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mountain View, CA
Jul. 12 - White River Amphitheatre - Auburn, WA
Jul. 13 - Idaho Center Amphitheater - Nampa, ID 
Jul. 15 - Desert Sky Pavilion - Phoenix, AZ
Jul. 16 - Hard Rock Casino Albuquerque Presents The Pavilion - Albuquerque, NM
Jul. 17 - Comfort Dental Amphitheater - Englewood, CO
Jul. 19 - Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - Maryland Heights, MO
Jul. 20 - Riverbend Music Center - Cincinnati, OH
Jul. 22 - Comcast Center - Mansfield, MA 
Jul. 23 - Parc Jean-Drapeau - (Heavy MTL) - Montreal, QC
Jul. 24 - Comcast Theater - Hartford, CT
Jul. 27 - PNC Bank Arts Center - Holmdel, NJ
Jul. 29 - First Niagara Pavilion - Burgettstown, PA 
Jul. 30 - Jiffy Lube Live - Bristow, VA
Jul. 31 - Susquehanna Bank Center - Camden, NJ
Aug. 02 - Virginia Beach Amphitheater - Virginia Beach, VA
Aug. 03 - Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion at Walnut Creek - Raleigh, NC
Aug. 05 - First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre - Tinley Park, IL
Aug. 06 - DTE Energy Music Theatre - Clarkston, MI
Aug. 07 - Verizon Wireless Music Center - Noblesville, IN
Aug. 09 - Zoo Amphitheatre - Oklahoma City, OK
Aug. 10 – Gexa Energy Pavilion - Dallas, TX
Aug. 12 - Aaron's Amphitheatre at Lakewood - Atlanta, GA
Aug. 13 - 1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheatre - Tampa, FL
Aug. 14 - Cruzan Amphitheatre - West Palm Beach, FL

***(Dethklok & Testament replace Megadeth and In Flames) 

Sunday, January 30, 2011


January 29th, 2011

Believe it or not, I was there! It was amazing!!

You could feel the electricity in the air as people packed into the club to get a glimpse at Dave.
He had no comedy routine but it was even better, he just presented himself simply as Dave Chappelle.
Not Rick James, not a "Comedy Central presents...", and not a "Half-Baked" slapstick spin-off, but what we saw was a man that has been to the top, seen the light, and turned it all down to live a more thoughtful and inspiring life of travel and family values. Although I must say, the man is still one in a million! The crowd roared with laughter as Dave casually smoked a few cigs, drank a couple coffees and told a lot of stories. At times, we were silent....listening to what appeared to be a much wiser man than we remembered. It was a once in a lifetime experience for everyone in the building.

So is he making a major comeback???

He never made it clear whether he was or wasn't but one thing is for sure. If he does a comeback, he's gonna do it his way, and his way only.
The living legend brought a smile to everyone's face last night.

Especially, to mine and Raj Lakireddy's because we were lucky enough to sneak into the VIP room and chill with Carlos Mencia and share a cigarette with Mr. Chappelle. We spoke of everyday topics like school and politics and nothing could have made the night any better.

You're the man DAVE!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

What type of drunk are you?

Being a college student at USC I know a thing or two about drunks.

I am certainly not here to discourage drinking, or encourage it….but rather to acknowledge that drinking has provided the world with entertainment beyond our wildest imagination.
Let’s take a moment to admire the variety of drunks in the world, none of which I will confess to, but let’s face it, we’re all guilty of a few.

The Emotional Drunk
The Emotional drunk is a buzz-kill on any night. Sorry ladies but this emotional reaction to alcohol is either performed pitifully by yourselves, or you fuck over a guy so bad that he has a nervous breakdown after a couple shots of gin. Either way, this tear jerking pathetic piece of embarrassment is a common yet never desired result of too much alcohol.

The Overly-friendly Drunk
“You’re the best man…awww jeez we’re so tight man….you’re the bestest friend I’ve ever had man…” Oh yeah, we’ve all seen this one. Some poor bastard played 1 too many games of beer pong and now he’s confessing his disturbing adornment for his friends. However, done the right way this drunk can inspire laughter and more good times, but done to excess….and you finally kick him in the bells and remind him that you’re not friends at all; you just go to the same parties.

The Fake Drunk
Ladies and short males, you got to stop faking how trashed you are. Not that half a Smirnoff isn’t a beastly load, but c’mon broad get a hold of yourself. Don’t blame alcohol for your hasty decisions, just be honest and say you really wanted dick that night! Oh and if I have another 5 foot tall guy talk about how drunk he is and that I’m lying about my sobriety, I might have to quit drinking all together….jk haha

The Fighter
After powering through another Jaeger-bomb and of course bragging because he finished chugging it before anyone else, this drunken bastard wants nothing more than a good brawl. This is the guy you want on your side at all times!!! However, the fighting drunk has been known to attack his best friends as well so no one is safe when “The Fighter” is over the limit.

“I’m not drunk…”
This one is fun….and ridiculously common. There’s always the one guy or gal that has prematurely decided to get wasted, which is fine, but they’ve also made a subconscious decision to never admit to being too drunk. I have fun with these folk because well, I make them ‘drink’ their words. Here’s a tip: when you identify this “I’m not drunk” person the best thing to do is persistently offer them drinks and well, the harder the better. Then when that poor sap finally bangs their forehead on your toilet bowl you smile to yourself for a job well done.

The Horny Drunk
Not only does this guy want to have sex with you fine ladies, but he thinks YOU want to have sex with HIM! So my only real advice here is to get the fuck out of dodge!

The Party Ruiner
I can only hope that you’re not a party ruiner, and/or have never had to deal with one but it’s likely that you have. This is possibly the drunkest muthafucker at the shindig and everyone knows it…or they’re about to. He/she will be dancing on tables and breaking house ware; on a good night. However, when this slush really unleashes their booze, there is sure to be blood. No, I’m serious…BLOOD! Haha and cops….and screaming, yelling, physical harm, etc. The Party Ruiner often ruins the party and a large portion of their lives. The best part about these clowns is….it is never their fault so don’t try to talk any sense into them please.

While the virtual list in my head goes on forever, I will conclude my analysis here. There are many other types of drunks that are both terrible and awesome to be around.

So why don’t you tell me about a few….

Publishers not partying on New Years Day 2013....

In The Copyright Act Law of 1976 there were several amendments that helped to change the copyright world forever, and this is especially important for the music industry.

While a book could be written about such law (trust me, I’ve had to write some incredibly lengthy papers on it) I’m going to focus on Termination Rights here.

You see when a songwriter makes a publishing deal it is common that for a specific period of time any and all songs written by that songwriter now belong to the publisher. The Publisher is the legal Copyright Owner. The ‘Bundle of Rights’ that are transferred from the writer (author) to the publisher include:
1. Right to reproduce the work
2. Right to distribute copies of the work
3. Right to perform the work publicly
4. Right to make a derivative work
5. Right to display the work publicly

So while publishing deals are often split 50/50 (50% profits to the publisher and 50% to the writer) the writer has legally transferred all their Copyright Owning rights over to the publisher.

So, now that you know the basics, where do Termination Rights come in?

In the Copyright Act of 1976, Termination Rights gave the original author of a work a 1 time right to revert the copyright owning rights back. This reversion can happen 35 years after the original transfer and a written notice must be sent to the publisher no later than 2 years before the 35 year limit and no sooner than 10 years from such limit.

This law went to affect in 1978 and when you add 35 years to that what do you get?


Believe me when I say the notices have been sent and the music industry is going to see major change in 2013!
So what does this mean for publishing deals?
What does this mean for record deals?

Despite the “Life of the author + 70 years” length of Copyright, termination rights give authors the ability to shorten this to a 35 year duration!!!

Does that mean all publishing deals should be considered 35 years in length???
Are all writers going to exercise this right to reversion?? (hell yeah they are)

What are your thoughts?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Eminem Wins in HUGE Court Case!

An important legal dispute has been won by Eminem and his corresponding production company “FBT Productions”.

The ruling in the courts decided that any purchase of master recordings in the format of downloads and mastertones will hereafter be considered the purchase of a ‘Masters License’ rather than the purchase of an actual product.

So what the fuck does that mean???

Basically any Eminem songs or albums purchased in the downloadable format will now be considered licenses and thus Eminem will be paid with respect to his licensing agreements rather than the royalty agreements. Those in the industry know the importance of this, and to make it clear….Eminem will now be profiting from a 50/50 split with his label (Aftermath Records) instead of what was only a 12% take from units sold.

Think about it this way….instead of making 12 cents to the dollar, he’ll make 50 cents to the dollar and with the level of sales Eminem is at we’re talking about a drastic jump in overall earnings.

Now…possibly the most important question in all of this is whether or not Eminem’s court case with set a legal precedent in the music industry?

Will all artists take the same matter to court and win?
Will record labels stand for this, or simply change their ‘legal-ese’ in the contracts to work in their favor?
How will this affect ITunes and Amazon?

What’s your opinion?
Should a download be treated as a product or a license?
What’s the difference of having a song printed on a disk or downloaded to your hard drive?
Will a precedent be set?

Discuss, debate, and detest…

Who is the Greatest Band of All Time???

Over 300 Million Albums Sold…
3 Diamond albums…
All of their Albums (9) went Platinum…
6 #1 Albums in the U.S…
4 Grammy Awards…
A band connected with mystery, sex, drugs, and unprecedented talent Led Zeppelin paved the way for all rock bands that came after them. The flashy rockers encompassed piercing vocal hooks, intelligent lyrics, legendary guitar riffs, and a rhythm section that has never been matched.

Over 1 Billion Albums Sold…
3 Diamond Albums…
17 Platinum Albums…
14 #1 Albums in the U.S…
13 Grammy Awards…
Nearly inventing all genres of music The Beatles were the biggest pop sensation the world has ever seen and probably ever will see. Beatlemania peaked in the 60s with controversial style, perfectly arranged megahits, cultural innuendos, and the ability to impress the world through any and all musical perspectives. Let’s face it…girls are still in tears when they hear The Beatles.

Over 250 Million Albums Sold…
18 Platinum Albums…
9 #1 Albums in the U.S…
3 Grammy Awards…
Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones defined sexy, and with catchy tunes at their side, they were unstoppable. Actually the word “were” is incorrect; these badasses are still touring today! The Stones roll out hit after hit and could sell out any arena in the world with their undeniable swagger and song quality.

Over 200 Million Albums Sold…
2 Diamond Albums…
9 Platinum Albums…
4 #1 Albums in the U.S…
3 Grammy Awards…
Pink Floyd introduced the world to “art rock” and the idea that music is more than an arrangement of notes, but rather a party for all 5 senses to indulge in. Concept albums complimented by some of the most stunning live shows of all time make Pink Floyd the legends they are. So take a tab of acid and try not to get lost in The Dark Side of the Moon because when the Floyd is on….you’re out!

Over 120 Million Albums Sold…
1 Diamond Album…
All of their Albums (7) went Platinum…
4 #1 Albums in the U.S…
6 Grammy Awards…
With possibly some of the catchiest songs in history The Eagles will have you pleading again and again to “Turn it Up!” Maybe we allured by the californiacation The Eagles project but it’s true that in their time to shine, they shined brighter than most bands ever have the chance to.

Over 100 Million Albums Sold…
1 Diamond Album…
All of their Albums (9) went Platinum…
4 #1 Albums in the U.S…
9 Grammy Awards…
Heavy Metal survived the 80s because of 1 band, Metallica!!! Too hardcore for the glam rock pussies of generation X, Metallica was a late bloomer that has not only revived metal, but reinvented it. Face melting guitar solos, great lyrical hooks, and a power that kicks you right in the balls….Metallica is legendary.

Let Your Voice Be Heard in our poll on the right of the page!!

Subliminal Verse #1

“You’ll Never Know”

Hallowed out and penetrable
Torn, leaked, and indulged
Furrowed brow, angered facade, and a man with an axe
Crumbled interior, wishful thinking, relax!

That was 63,113,852 seconds ago
That was the bitch to overthrow
That was weight, and the bow
That was the debt that I owed

A fourth of my existence is in her hands.
So tell me why it cracks a smile in your mask made of plaster when self-loathing cleans a salted wound that burned not with heat but with the dry ice in her veins?

You’ll reread the writing upon the wall and search for comprehension.
Remember, it’s not always what is known that pleases us, but rather what we think we know, and what’s perceived to be known.

I know

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rage Against the Machine in 2011??

That's right! Rumor has it, that RATM will be releasing a new record in 2011!
Their first in over a decade!!

Vocal front man Zach De La Rocha was quoted in 2010 saying 

"Very good, we are all bigger and mature and you do not fall into the problems we faced 10 or 15 years. This is different and we project a lot: we are working on a new album due out next year, perhaps for the northern hemisphere summer."

For the full interview go to: 

Stay tuned for more insider, exclusive news on the subject.



Saturday April 23rd, 2011
Empire Polo Grounds
Indio, CA

So, Coachella is a big festival in April right??
What if I told you Coachella was for hipster pussies that don't know shit about real passionate music?
Well, I'm not so bold
However, after you're informed of THE BIG 4 I won't have to tell you anything, you'll just know.


The Big Four performed 7 amazing shows across Europe in 2010 and it left the world in aw.
Americans begged, pleaded, ranted and raved until finally it was announced...
The Big Four will do 1 and only 1 show in America.

A Thrash Metal mainstay and while their mainstream success was short-lived, 
they developed a cult following that will surely have you
 "Caught in a Mosh" come April.

 Although not a favorite of mine, are often considered the best thrash/power metal band in history. Who can ignore the outstanding Dave Mustaine guitar licks? Not I, and not anyone sane in this world.

Is there really anything else to say? Probably the heaviest and definitely the fastest thrash metal band of all time!! I've had the pleasure of seeing Slayer live at the Mayhem Festival 2009 and I cannot explain in words the intensity that fills the air when Slayer commands the arena. You'll be in a neck brace by the end of the set so throw your fucking horns in the air and show those Coachella posers how it's done.


100,000,000 albums sold worldwide....
60,000,000 albums sold in the U.S....
9 Grammy Awards....
5 consecutive number one charting albums....
1 Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame Induction....

There is little to say about Metallica that has not already been said before. However, let me reiterate that Metallica is not only one of the most important and famous metal bands of all time, but some argue their one of the greatest bands in history PERIOD!!

Full sets from 4 great bands!!
Enjoy our Big Four Playlist on the right and tell me...
Who are you guys most looking forward to seeing??
Whether you're going or not, let your voice be heard, who is the biggest of The Big Four!?!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Coachella 2011!!!!!!

The 3 day festival has returned!!!!!
The lineup for Coachella has been revealed and the world is buzzing with excitement and anticipation for what should be a show for the ages.

Headliners include Kings of Leon, The Black Keys, Chemical Brothers, Arcade Fire, Mumford and Sons, Kanye West, The Strokes, Wiz Khalifa, and One day as a lion.

With well over a hundred other artists rounding out the line-up, there is certainly something for everyone to enjoy. This genre defying festival has of course had incredible success in the past, entertaining 225,000 music lovers in 2010, but what does The Source think about Coachella 2011??

Day 1, Friday April 15th, kicks off with a bang!
The Chemical Brothers invite you on a ride through space with their futuristic sound-scapes that invoke a flurry of thought. Expect an amazing light show and an onslaught of mind-altering audio fixations.
After the ecstasy wears off, it’ll be time to relax and indulge in one of the elite bands to come out of the New York Indie rock movement of the 2000s, Interpol. At the peaks of their career, Interpol owns the stage with recent hit “Barricade” and will surely set the bar high for all the post-punk revival bands on the Coachella roster.
The Black Keys have taken over the rock scene since the release of their Gold Certified album Brothers. One of the most anticipated acts of Coachella, the dynamic duo of guitarist/vocalist Dan Auerbach and drummer/producer Patrick Carney will compel thousands to bang their head in mass appreciation. Blues-driven progressions, face melting-guitar solos, and heart-thumping drum rolls combine to create one of the most powerful bands to come out of the new millennium. Hits like “Tighten Up” and “Howlin’ for You” will ring out across the desert and inspire all in attendance; even the hundreds of ganja groupies lying in the grass with their eyes closed.
Clear your throat and clear your mind because the Kings of Leon are due to close out the first day of Coachella with what should be the world’s largest sing-a-long. With 5 Platinum Album releases to date, Come Around Sundown being the latest, the Kings of Leon are not slowing down anytime soon. Modern classics like “Sex of Fire” and “Use Somebody” have propelled the band into international stardom. This indie rock power house completes Friday’s events so try to rest up because Saturday has just as much to offer.

Day 2, Saturday April 16th
Rage Against the Machine gave arguably the best performance in the history of Coachella back in 2007; well this year marks the return of Zach De La Rocha to the Coachella Festival. This time he’ll be fronting his latest project One Day as a Lion. Always powerful and intellectual, this set should prove to be more than music, but a spiritual and political reckoning as well.
Amps on….lights….crowd…. “It’s Not Your Fault but Mine!!!! And it was your heart on the line!! I really fucked it up this time! Didn’t I my dear!!”
As you surely already know, Mumford and Sons will bless the Coachella stage on day 2, and bring folk rock to its peak. Since their inception in 2007 the band has impressed fans with their musical spontaneity and overall abilities. So let the electric banjo and stand up base be the background to tales of pride and justice as Mumford and Sons play on.
Arcade Fire will be round off Saturday’s adventures with horns, violins, accordions, and Napoleon Dynamite….oh wait, that’s just a member of the band. Unique in all ways, Arcade Fire should be nothing less of brilliant so save some energy and save your voice for one of the best indie rock bands of this generation.

Day 3, Sunday April 17th

Some fans are calling it Kanye Sunday, and with all Jesus reference made by West in the past, I guess it fits. But before we talk about our closing act, let’s explore a more recent disciple of hip-hop, Wiz Khalifa.
Wiz knows how to get a crowd going and needless to say, come Sunday evening he’s gonna make you “Say Yeah”. Chock full of rhymes and catchy chorus lines, Khalifa’s set is not to be missed. I remember when a young Kanye West was sitting at the same spot in the lineup in the past, so this could be the rise of a new hip-hop champion.
Taking a break from rap for a bit….ladies and gentlemen…THE STROKES!!!! With a new album due out in 2011, The Strokes are looking to gain momentum and there’s no place better than Coachella. Punk-rock influence combine with a hard-rock attitude….The Strokes will rock your socks off, if you still have any left on your feet by Sunday.
Finally….it’s Sunday night, maybe 11ish. Your body is covered in sweat and dust. Head full of sound and a body full of God only knows what. The lights go black once more….you take a deep breath, stand up and get ready for one last explosion of energy.

Enter KANYE WEST!!!!!!!!
Truly amongst the elite rappers in the game today, Kanye West will shock the world with his onstage passion just as he shocks the world with his offstage antics. Kanye owned 2010 with several features, producing outputs, and of course his amazing album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. West has a dense catalog of hip-hop megahits and some of the most original flows in history. If anyone can keep 200,000 people rockin after 3 days of drugs, booze, and music its Kanyeasy. West has a dense catalog of hip-hop megahits and some of the most original flows in history. If anyone can keep 200,000 people rockin after 3 days of drugs, booze, and music its Kanye. You won’t want to “Runaway” and you’re sure to have a “Hell of a Time” when this legend performs as the final act of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.
For the sake of this article, I am finished, but this brief preview is not a clear portrayal of how awesome the event is going to be. Hundreds of well-respected legends, up-and-comers, reunions, and conclusions. DJ sets, singer-songwriters, big bands, small bands, loud bands, quiet bands, and truly any and all tastes in music can be found in this bountiful lineup.

Buy your tickets NOW!!!

Get your ass to Coachella and have the experience of a lifetime!!

Hollywood Undead looking to blow up in 2011

After their massively successful debut album Swan Songs went Gold in 2009 it was clear that Hollywood Undead was much more than a trendy Myspace band. International Tours and the release of the DVD/EP Desperate Measures only further exploited the raw talent and unprecedented energy found in the HU sound.

After much anticipation Hollywood Undead returns to the limelight in 2011 with their sophomore release American Tragedy!!!

“Hear Me Now” is the first single off the new album and it doesn’t disappoint. With a unique fusion of electronic flow and heavy rock riffs “Hear Me Now” grabs you by the balls and never let’s go. The combination of catchy chorus and an alluring hook proves once again that HU is aggressive and exciting while remaining radio-friendly and memorable.

“Comin’ In Hot” is the second track released to the virtual world and let me tell you if you listen to it once, you’ll be singing it for days!

Enjoy and discuss the videos posted here and keep your eyes and ears open for Hollywood Undead’s new Album American Tragedy coming March 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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