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Monday, January 24, 2011

Coachella 2011!!!!!!

The 3 day festival has returned!!!!!
The lineup for Coachella has been revealed and the world is buzzing with excitement and anticipation for what should be a show for the ages.

Headliners include Kings of Leon, The Black Keys, Chemical Brothers, Arcade Fire, Mumford and Sons, Kanye West, The Strokes, Wiz Khalifa, and One day as a lion.

With well over a hundred other artists rounding out the line-up, there is certainly something for everyone to enjoy. This genre defying festival has of course had incredible success in the past, entertaining 225,000 music lovers in 2010, but what does The Source think about Coachella 2011??

Day 1, Friday April 15th, kicks off with a bang!
The Chemical Brothers invite you on a ride through space with their futuristic sound-scapes that invoke a flurry of thought. Expect an amazing light show and an onslaught of mind-altering audio fixations.
After the ecstasy wears off, it’ll be time to relax and indulge in one of the elite bands to come out of the New York Indie rock movement of the 2000s, Interpol. At the peaks of their career, Interpol owns the stage with recent hit “Barricade” and will surely set the bar high for all the post-punk revival bands on the Coachella roster.
The Black Keys have taken over the rock scene since the release of their Gold Certified album Brothers. One of the most anticipated acts of Coachella, the dynamic duo of guitarist/vocalist Dan Auerbach and drummer/producer Patrick Carney will compel thousands to bang their head in mass appreciation. Blues-driven progressions, face melting-guitar solos, and heart-thumping drum rolls combine to create one of the most powerful bands to come out of the new millennium. Hits like “Tighten Up” and “Howlin’ for You” will ring out across the desert and inspire all in attendance; even the hundreds of ganja groupies lying in the grass with their eyes closed.
Clear your throat and clear your mind because the Kings of Leon are due to close out the first day of Coachella with what should be the world’s largest sing-a-long. With 5 Platinum Album releases to date, Come Around Sundown being the latest, the Kings of Leon are not slowing down anytime soon. Modern classics like “Sex of Fire” and “Use Somebody” have propelled the band into international stardom. This indie rock power house completes Friday’s events so try to rest up because Saturday has just as much to offer.

Day 2, Saturday April 16th
Rage Against the Machine gave arguably the best performance in the history of Coachella back in 2007; well this year marks the return of Zach De La Rocha to the Coachella Festival. This time he’ll be fronting his latest project One Day as a Lion. Always powerful and intellectual, this set should prove to be more than music, but a spiritual and political reckoning as well.
Amps on….lights….crowd…. “It’s Not Your Fault but Mine!!!! And it was your heart on the line!! I really fucked it up this time! Didn’t I my dear!!”
As you surely already know, Mumford and Sons will bless the Coachella stage on day 2, and bring folk rock to its peak. Since their inception in 2007 the band has impressed fans with their musical spontaneity and overall abilities. So let the electric banjo and stand up base be the background to tales of pride and justice as Mumford and Sons play on.
Arcade Fire will be round off Saturday’s adventures with horns, violins, accordions, and Napoleon Dynamite….oh wait, that’s just a member of the band. Unique in all ways, Arcade Fire should be nothing less of brilliant so save some energy and save your voice for one of the best indie rock bands of this generation.

Day 3, Sunday April 17th

Some fans are calling it Kanye Sunday, and with all Jesus reference made by West in the past, I guess it fits. But before we talk about our closing act, let’s explore a more recent disciple of hip-hop, Wiz Khalifa.
Wiz knows how to get a crowd going and needless to say, come Sunday evening he’s gonna make you “Say Yeah”. Chock full of rhymes and catchy chorus lines, Khalifa’s set is not to be missed. I remember when a young Kanye West was sitting at the same spot in the lineup in the past, so this could be the rise of a new hip-hop champion.
Taking a break from rap for a bit….ladies and gentlemen…THE STROKES!!!! With a new album due out in 2011, The Strokes are looking to gain momentum and there’s no place better than Coachella. Punk-rock influence combine with a hard-rock attitude….The Strokes will rock your socks off, if you still have any left on your feet by Sunday.
Finally….it’s Sunday night, maybe 11ish. Your body is covered in sweat and dust. Head full of sound and a body full of God only knows what. The lights go black once more….you take a deep breath, stand up and get ready for one last explosion of energy.

Enter KANYE WEST!!!!!!!!
Truly amongst the elite rappers in the game today, Kanye West will shock the world with his onstage passion just as he shocks the world with his offstage antics. Kanye owned 2010 with several features, producing outputs, and of course his amazing album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. West has a dense catalog of hip-hop megahits and some of the most original flows in history. If anyone can keep 200,000 people rockin after 3 days of drugs, booze, and music its Kanyeasy. West has a dense catalog of hip-hop megahits and some of the most original flows in history. If anyone can keep 200,000 people rockin after 3 days of drugs, booze, and music its Kanye. You won’t want to “Runaway” and you’re sure to have a “Hell of a Time” when this legend performs as the final act of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.
For the sake of this article, I am finished, but this brief preview is not a clear portrayal of how awesome the event is going to be. Hundreds of well-respected legends, up-and-comers, reunions, and conclusions. DJ sets, singer-songwriters, big bands, small bands, loud bands, quiet bands, and truly any and all tastes in music can be found in this bountiful lineup.

Buy your tickets NOW!!!

Get your ass to Coachella and have the experience of a lifetime!!

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