The Source: Subliminal Verse #1

Friday, January 28, 2011

Subliminal Verse #1

“You’ll Never Know”

Hallowed out and penetrable
Torn, leaked, and indulged
Furrowed brow, angered facade, and a man with an axe
Crumbled interior, wishful thinking, relax!

That was 63,113,852 seconds ago
That was the bitch to overthrow
That was weight, and the bow
That was the debt that I owed

A fourth of my existence is in her hands.
So tell me why it cracks a smile in your mask made of plaster when self-loathing cleans a salted wound that burned not with heat but with the dry ice in her veins?

You’ll reread the writing upon the wall and search for comprehension.
Remember, it’s not always what is known that pleases us, but rather what we think we know, and what’s perceived to be known.

I know

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