The Source: Eminem Wins in HUGE Court Case!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Eminem Wins in HUGE Court Case!

An important legal dispute has been won by Eminem and his corresponding production company “FBT Productions”.

The ruling in the courts decided that any purchase of master recordings in the format of downloads and mastertones will hereafter be considered the purchase of a ‘Masters License’ rather than the purchase of an actual product.

So what the fuck does that mean???

Basically any Eminem songs or albums purchased in the downloadable format will now be considered licenses and thus Eminem will be paid with respect to his licensing agreements rather than the royalty agreements. Those in the industry know the importance of this, and to make it clear….Eminem will now be profiting from a 50/50 split with his label (Aftermath Records) instead of what was only a 12% take from units sold.

Think about it this way….instead of making 12 cents to the dollar, he’ll make 50 cents to the dollar and with the level of sales Eminem is at we’re talking about a drastic jump in overall earnings.

Now…possibly the most important question in all of this is whether or not Eminem’s court case with set a legal precedent in the music industry?

Will all artists take the same matter to court and win?
Will record labels stand for this, or simply change their ‘legal-ese’ in the contracts to work in their favor?
How will this affect ITunes and Amazon?

What’s your opinion?
Should a download be treated as a product or a license?
What’s the difference of having a song printed on a disk or downloaded to your hard drive?
Will a precedent be set?

Discuss, debate, and detest…


  1. Thanks for dumbing it down! Much appreciated. I mean you really dumbed it down, lol, but I know someone out there will appreciate it even more. Not everyone goes to college ya kno.. bahahahaha

  2. I believe a download is obviously a license rather then a product. This is because when you buy a CD at the store you are buying a product that you can play any were that has a CD player and that is as far as it goes. When you purchase a license or a song online at say "ITUNES" you are buying the right to put that song not only on your computer but your phone, Ipad, Ipod, and what ever other electronic device you can think of. This makes the license more beneficial to the customer and there for the artist should be rewarded better then if he or she were just selling a CD.