The Source: May 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Band to Watch: Innerpartysystem

In 2011 it's hard to create a unique sound within the electronic dance genre because everyone and their mother are writing and performing amidst said genre. Even rock, rap, and pop acts are renewing their sound an image to fit in better with the Electro-centric music landscape of the 21st Century. 

Is there anyone that could stand out of the crowd?

Are there any unique bands left to be found?

Who should you care about in 2011?


Patrick Nissley (vocals), Jared Piccone (drums), and Kris Barman (synth, guitar) make up the electronic trio who's ready for a break out year in 2011. Their breakout Never Be Content EP was released by Red Bull Records in February 2011 and it's received a lot of attention. Their first single "American Trash" is a heavy hitting electro-anthem that mixes a tongue-in-cheek lyrical satire of American pride with a barrage of addicting soundscapes. 

The rising stars gained even more steam with the release of their longest song to date "Not Getting Any Better" (8:00). The song has displayed a glimpse of what's available on Innerpartysystem's musical palette both visually and aurally. 

You might want to check this out too:
"Not Getting Any Better" Remix Contest

The trio falls under the workaholic category as they have been recording and touring non-stop since they hit the scene in 2007. Which brings me to the big announcement of their tour dates with the almighty Skrillex!!!!

Innerpartysystem and Skrillex Tour Dates:

                           6/17       Las Vegas, NV                     Crown Nightclub
                           6/18       Dallas,TX                              Electric Daisy Carnival
                           6/19       Little Rock, AR                     River Market Pavillion
                           6/20       Oklahoma City, OK              Diamond Ballroom
                           6/22       Tucson, AZ                           Rialto Theater
                           6/23       Scottsdale, AZ                      The Venue
                           6/24       Pomona, CA                         The Glass House

So get attached ASAP because Innerpartysystem is here to stay and you don't want to be left behind!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Facebook: Because You Don't Have the Balls to Talk to Me in Person

Ahhh....Facebook....perhaps the most important creation of the 21st Century.

It's popularity has grown from the depths of exclusive Ivy League clubs to the computers of individuals everywhere in the entire world. But why?

Why is Facebook so damn appealing?

Is it because we like to meet new people?

Nah, I don't think so. I mean most of the friends you talk to on Facebook are your friends in the 'real world' anyways. In fact most of the friends I talk to on Facebook were my existing friends far before Facebook was even created.

Is it because Facebook is a strong business tool?

Many could say yes because well, it is. However, so was Myspace and no one gives a damn about Myspace anymore. To say Facebook is a good marketing tool is true, but in comparison to all the other substitute services the world deals with on a daily basis, I would say this is far from the answer we're looking for.

We could sit here all day listing appealing characteristics of the Facebook experience, but in my eyes it comes down to one thing:

Our current generation is afraid of personal interaction or any relationship that could even be considered sensual or emotionally satisfying.

Allow me to explain...

When interacting with someone in person there are certain risks that one must take in order to achieve any rewards in a that relationship; whether romantic, platonic, or otherwise.  To fall in love with some one we must risk hate. To make someone laugh we must risk embarrassment. To attempt any communication is to risk some sort of MIS-communication. This is why Myspace eventually failed. Myspace became far too personal, far too exploited, and of course far too cluttered. Each Myspace profile was cluttered with music, pictures, videos, personal profile layouts, and endless other personalization tools.This sounds great but remember, attempting to communicate always involves the risk of mis-communicating. What was once a fun way to express yourself, became a bulletin board for people to judge your life and show off your flaws. 

Facebook works because there is virtually NO RISK!! Especially in the early days of Facebook there was little to be found on one's profile that would make them look significantly different when compared to another person. Clean interface with only basic information available to the viewer. Facebook has followed the Myspace model a little bit by adding games, gimmicks, and worthless applications however it still remains impersonal (despite an attempt to create personal communication haha). Twitter has gone even farther down the path to impersonal communication and thus we see it's popularity sky rocketing.

So, why is Facebook so awesome?

Because our generation is full of impersonal drones that want to speak their opinion to the world without being judged in a blatantly obvious manner. Say whatever you want on Facebook and if you don't like the responses you get....fuck it...delete them. You don't like a particular person? Fuck it...delete them. The world is available on Facebook, and yet the real beauty of it, is that with Facebook you're able to ignore the world and block out anything you don't want to hear.

So because we're all a bunch of social pussies who can't stand the risk of real social interactions we've created a slippery slope towards a machine driven society.

With all that said I've been on Facebook for 3-4 years now and I fucking LOVE IT!!! hahaha

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Subliminal Verse #4

“I, Only”

Second time you called me I ignored it altogether
Hairs in my throat are standing on end and they always warned me that the ‘drip’ was the worst part
Spontaneity is surely underrated
But Let us return to the topic at hand and with time
 go and do likewise

It’s an unfortunate circumstance, essentially solitary
Platonic ventures offer medial indulgence
Of course it is this way
The sniper’s aim is so astute that he has never been seen missing a targeted shot and yet, this one humble desire encompasses only consequences of the refusal nature

Here comes the litigation
I’d like to be read my rights before prosecution

There goes his suffering
Because to be without desire is to follow the way to nirvana

Fractured antiques of memories once lived pile high but just out of sight
We’ll review things as they occuror if they even occur at all

I suppose some stories are left untold
Some destinies unfulfilled

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Osama is Dead Playlist!!!

Osama Bin Laden has finally been captured and killed!!!

In celebration of this justice we've created a "Fuck Osama" playlist available "free" at Soundcloud!!!!!

Let's Rock out with American Pride and remember to send out a 
special thanks to any military men and women you know or meet!!!

Let's make this playlist a national celebration!!!!

Enjoy and Re-Post the link below!!!
Osama is Dead Playlist

1. Whatever I Like - Barack Obama

2. America, Fuck Yeah - Team America: World Police

3. Bullet With A Name - Nonpoint

4. Far From Home - Five Finger Death Punch

5. Scream Aim and Fire - Bullet for My Valentine

6. Walk - Pantera

7. White Trash Mustache - Beulah and the Beat

8. Angel of Death - Slayer

9. Indestructible - Disturbed

10. Prepare for War - Hatebreed