The Source: August 2011

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Los Angeles Football Stadium: The New Crown Jewel of the NFL

As I'm sure most of you have heard, football is coming back to Los Angeles. There are a lot of mixed emotions regarding the yet to be announced Los Angeles team franchise and I'm as skeptical as the next guy. I've been a Green Bay Packers fan since the mid-1990s and regardless of what team becomes the Los Angeles team, I'm not so sure I'm willing to transfer my loyalty (Oh and Yes! I'm a bandwagon fan, I hopped on the Brett Favre bandwagon when I was 7 haha). 5 major candidates for the new Los Angeles franchise include the Vikings, Chargers, Jaguars, and our old friends the Raiders and Rams. 

Who do you want to come to LA???

Will you become a die-hard Los Angeles Football fan immediately???

Is it considered 'band-wagoning' to be loyal to a brand new team???

These are the questions us SoCal natives must address in the very near future (I'll be staring at myself in the mirror with the lights off for 24 hrs straight waiting for a's the proper way to do things). 

However there is 1 thing that everyone in SoCal can be certain about.....The Los Angeles Football Stadium is going to be the greatest stadium ever built!!!

The Facts as We Know Them:
***Greenest Stadium ever built! (LEED Certified)***
***From the same creators of the Staples Center***
***600 Acre Football Entertainment Experience***
***Located within 1 hour of 15.5 Million fans***
***Creates over 18,000 jobs on site***
***100% Privately Financed***
***Sexy as Fuck***

Believe IT!!!

We should see the culmination of this project by 2014 so, Los Angeles.....

Are You Ready for some FOOTBALL!!?!!?!!!!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Subliminal Verse #5

“Never Fix This Mess”

Melancholy, Melancholy, what have you done?
You’ve stolen all the fame, you’ve spoiled all the fun.

I’m sifting through drifters as I stare at the crowd,
10 men whispering can get pretty loud.

It’s the future that humbles, it’s the future that scares us,
But what’s in the future? It’s the past that consumes us!

White Male at the podium, better change his tie for a towel,
I see his mouth moving, but it looks like a bowel.

Not bitter, not envious
Just who the fuck said ignorance is bliss?

Progressing is progress, but wait I digress,
Some silly little poem could never fix this mess.

SQS: Neil Young's New Music Listening System is Making Waves


What does it mean? 
Is that an acronym? 
Is this digital? 
When is it coming out? 
What's better than vinyl? 
How old is Neil Young? 
Wait, who is Neil Young? 
Can I just listen to my iPod instead?
Is this a Justin Bieber collaboration?

Depending on your age and your level of intelligence you may be asking yourself a few of the above questions. And quite frankly, we all have questions about this "SQS" project because it's relatively secret and the details of the device (if it even is a device) are unknown to most.

What we do know is that Neil Young is creating a 'music listening device' that is supposed to put out incredible sound quality as well as integrating this into the music world we've come to enjoy such as downloading content, web access, etc. 

Some Tweety Tweets about it:

Just an FYI, the original tweet that broke this story is pictured above. Mr. Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers mentioned it once and people are already going nuts with curiosity.

So keep your eyes and ears open for more info about this and hit me up on the comments or Facebook....let's break the news right here on The Source!!!

P.S. Neil Young is a LEGEND

(If you don't know....research his work on the internet so you don't look like a fool haha)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kings of Leon Singer Pussies Out on Stage, Cancels Entire U.S. Tour, and May Even Break Up the Band!!!

Caleb Followill, the front man for Kings of Leon, has really fucked up this time. During a recent show in Dallas Followill ended the show early because his voice was "100% gone" and he was far too exhausted to continue. Rather than explain the details of how lame this is, just watch for yourself:

I'm well acquainted with a lot of musicians and have spoken to a plethora of professional musical performers of all shapes and sizes and I truly cannot fathom how this guy thinks it's okay to do this. This stunt will surely cost the band a lot of fans, money, respect, etc. In all my years of going to 12-Hour long Metal festivals every Summer I completely understand heat exhaustion and performing in tough conditions. However, nothing excuses ending a show early like he did and absolutely NOTHING excuses the cancellation of their entire U.S. tour!!!!

I was never a huge fan of the band but I respected their story and their ability to write great songs. Now??? I hope the whole act goes down in flames. People are busting their asses every fucking day to keep the Kings of Leon Enterprise successful and how does Followill repay them? Take it a step further....the music industry is in a rough patch and it's near impossible to make a living as a musician today. Baby bands are dedicating their lives and all their blood sweat and tears to their music just to survive from day to day and then this asshole just walks off stage because he's too "Dog-Gone Hot" !!!! It's awful and even on my level of involvement I'm offended.

A statement from the group chalked up Friday's meltdown to "heat exhaustion and dehydration… causing [Followill's] vocal chords to seize." However, the rest of the group's reaction to the incident has hinted at the band's internal problems: drummer Nathan Followill called the show a "fiasco" on Twitter, and bassist Jared Followill wrote, "I know you guys aren't stupid. I can't lie. There are problems in our band bigger than not drinking enough Gatorade."

The Face of Failure:

Monday, August 1, 2011

LA RISING: Rage Against The Machine Does It Again!!!

Approximately 60,000 people packed into the Coliseum on Saturday Evening as the energy within the arena grew stronger the closer time approached the Rage Against the Machine set. Perfect Weather for an outdoor concert combined with the legendary atmosphere of USC's current home, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to set the stage for the concert of the summer! 

El Gran Silencio kicked things off at 3pm with an authentic and fun set they have become known for. Immortal Technique was up next and it was fucking powerful. Freestyle raps, Revolutionary rants, and Acapella flows defined the set and made for a great pre-lude to the rest of the bands. Ms. Lauryn Hill was the outcast of the line-up however this did not stop her from rockin out hard! The crowd really seemed to enjoy all of these opening acts but Lauryn Hill had all of us jammin! Especially to some of her reggae covers! 

The sun began to set and the crowd continued to work up a buzz @ $9 a beer and well, who knows what they paid for the weed! haha Time for Rise Against!!! I was completely satisfied with Rise Against's set. The production value was not on par with the headliners but they played all their hits and their live rendition of "Hero of War" really touched the diverse audience. After their set it became very clear to me why Rise Against has become such a great sensation; high energy show and catchy ass tunes!!!

Then came Muse! One word sums up the Muse set, WOW! These 3 dudes really know how to put on a show! Amazing light effects and a multi-dimensional visual experience combined with the powerful songs of the Muse catalog to present a truly headlining performance. Each song inspired sing-alongs as well as some psychedelic trippin and to top it off Mathew Bellamy would crank out some classic rock guitar riffs in between songs including favorites from Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and AC/DC. I must admit that some songs were a bit boring, especially considering the audiences tastes and the whole set seemed to run a bit long but overall Muse proved that they are worthy of playing in front of anyone!

Approximately 10:30PM....
Warm, Summer Evening in Los Angeles, CA....
The Scent of Marijuana and stale beer fills the air....
The Mumbling of 60,000 fans vibrate the seats...
Chants begin...rage...rage...Rage...Rage...RAGE...RAGE!!!

After an intense intro that including an intense video collaboration that depicted Rage Against the Machine controversies from the past and a complete tranformation from the LA Colisuem into a Red and Black Rage Fest!!! The arches turned red, the black flags and mysterious darkness of the arena was exposed and just as the famous torch went did Rage. "Testify" rang out with furry!!! Despite some early technical difficulties the set grew quickly into an all out party! Party....or riot?? Not sure. Fact is, people were going fucking crazy!!! Rage powered through some of their best including "People of the Sun" and "Township Rebellion"! The encore including a spine chilling speech by Zach De La Rocha and an over the top performance of "Freedom" and "Killing in the Name of". The resounding opinion of the audience was 'We Want More!' While the four members bowed at the front of the stage it almost killed me to realize this may be the greatest band of my generation! It was amazing in all Ways!!