The Source: Subliminal Verse #5

Friday, August 5, 2011

Subliminal Verse #5

“Never Fix This Mess”

Melancholy, Melancholy, what have you done?
You’ve stolen all the fame, you’ve spoiled all the fun.

I’m sifting through drifters as I stare at the crowd,
10 men whispering can get pretty loud.

It’s the future that humbles, it’s the future that scares us,
But what’s in the future? It’s the past that consumes us!

White Male at the podium, better change his tie for a towel,
I see his mouth moving, but it looks like a bowel.

Not bitter, not envious
Just who the fuck said ignorance is bliss?

Progressing is progress, but wait I digress,
Some silly little poem could never fix this mess.

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