The Source: LA RISING: Rage Against The Machine Does It Again!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

LA RISING: Rage Against The Machine Does It Again!!!

Approximately 60,000 people packed into the Coliseum on Saturday Evening as the energy within the arena grew stronger the closer time approached the Rage Against the Machine set. Perfect Weather for an outdoor concert combined with the legendary atmosphere of USC's current home, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to set the stage for the concert of the summer! 

El Gran Silencio kicked things off at 3pm with an authentic and fun set they have become known for. Immortal Technique was up next and it was fucking powerful. Freestyle raps, Revolutionary rants, and Acapella flows defined the set and made for a great pre-lude to the rest of the bands. Ms. Lauryn Hill was the outcast of the line-up however this did not stop her from rockin out hard! The crowd really seemed to enjoy all of these opening acts but Lauryn Hill had all of us jammin! Especially to some of her reggae covers! 

The sun began to set and the crowd continued to work up a buzz @ $9 a beer and well, who knows what they paid for the weed! haha Time for Rise Against!!! I was completely satisfied with Rise Against's set. The production value was not on par with the headliners but they played all their hits and their live rendition of "Hero of War" really touched the diverse audience. After their set it became very clear to me why Rise Against has become such a great sensation; high energy show and catchy ass tunes!!!

Then came Muse! One word sums up the Muse set, WOW! These 3 dudes really know how to put on a show! Amazing light effects and a multi-dimensional visual experience combined with the powerful songs of the Muse catalog to present a truly headlining performance. Each song inspired sing-alongs as well as some psychedelic trippin and to top it off Mathew Bellamy would crank out some classic rock guitar riffs in between songs including favorites from Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and AC/DC. I must admit that some songs were a bit boring, especially considering the audiences tastes and the whole set seemed to run a bit long but overall Muse proved that they are worthy of playing in front of anyone!

Approximately 10:30PM....
Warm, Summer Evening in Los Angeles, CA....
The Scent of Marijuana and stale beer fills the air....
The Mumbling of 60,000 fans vibrate the seats...
Chants begin...rage...rage...Rage...Rage...RAGE...RAGE!!!

After an intense intro that including an intense video collaboration that depicted Rage Against the Machine controversies from the past and a complete tranformation from the LA Colisuem into a Red and Black Rage Fest!!! The arches turned red, the black flags and mysterious darkness of the arena was exposed and just as the famous torch went did Rage. "Testify" rang out with furry!!! Despite some early technical difficulties the set grew quickly into an all out party! Party....or riot?? Not sure. Fact is, people were going fucking crazy!!! Rage powered through some of their best including "People of the Sun" and "Township Rebellion"! The encore including a spine chilling speech by Zach De La Rocha and an over the top performance of "Freedom" and "Killing in the Name of". The resounding opinion of the audience was 'We Want More!' While the four members bowed at the front of the stage it almost killed me to realize this may be the greatest band of my generation! It was amazing in all Ways!!

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  1. What a fucking great encore man! I'm glad you got to go. Tom Morello ripped it.