The Source: Kings of Leon Singer Pussies Out on Stage, Cancels Entire U.S. Tour, and May Even Break Up the Band!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kings of Leon Singer Pussies Out on Stage, Cancels Entire U.S. Tour, and May Even Break Up the Band!!!

Caleb Followill, the front man for Kings of Leon, has really fucked up this time. During a recent show in Dallas Followill ended the show early because his voice was "100% gone" and he was far too exhausted to continue. Rather than explain the details of how lame this is, just watch for yourself:

I'm well acquainted with a lot of musicians and have spoken to a plethora of professional musical performers of all shapes and sizes and I truly cannot fathom how this guy thinks it's okay to do this. This stunt will surely cost the band a lot of fans, money, respect, etc. In all my years of going to 12-Hour long Metal festivals every Summer I completely understand heat exhaustion and performing in tough conditions. However, nothing excuses ending a show early like he did and absolutely NOTHING excuses the cancellation of their entire U.S. tour!!!!

I was never a huge fan of the band but I respected their story and their ability to write great songs. Now??? I hope the whole act goes down in flames. People are busting their asses every fucking day to keep the Kings of Leon Enterprise successful and how does Followill repay them? Take it a step further....the music industry is in a rough patch and it's near impossible to make a living as a musician today. Baby bands are dedicating their lives and all their blood sweat and tears to their music just to survive from day to day and then this asshole just walks off stage because he's too "Dog-Gone Hot" !!!! It's awful and even on my level of involvement I'm offended.

A statement from the group chalked up Friday's meltdown to "heat exhaustion and dehydration… causing [Followill's] vocal chords to seize." However, the rest of the group's reaction to the incident has hinted at the band's internal problems: drummer Nathan Followill called the show a "fiasco" on Twitter, and bassist Jared Followill wrote, "I know you guys aren't stupid. I can't lie. There are problems in our band bigger than not drinking enough Gatorade."

The Face of Failure:

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