The Source: February 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Another Gem Out of Canada: Misguided Aggression Demands Your Attention

Before I get into the meat and potatoes of this article's topic I want to pose a question to all of you that really has no definitive or objective answer: What defines the characteristics of progressive metal?

Sam Dunn, a proactive heavy metal enthusiast and researcher, attempts to answer this question on the season finale of his new metal documentary series Metal Evolution. Despite his in depth analysis and research I am still not convinced that "Progressive Metal" is simply a grotesque expansion of "Progressive Rock." I refuse to give in to the notion that Meshuggah is just a heavier re-imagining of Rush. Defining any sub-genre is a difficult and menial task and I try not to put much weight in it but I was thrown back by a recent discovery. Please come along with me and lend your eyes and ears to a band reigning terror in Ontario, Canada, Misguided Aggression!

I don't want to put labels on this band (even though I'm about to do just that) but in my opinion they embrace the musicianship and technicality of "Progressive Metal" without sacrificing the necessary 'groove' aspect of metal that entices nearly all fans of heavy music. Let's talk more about this relatively new and very impressive metal act, Misguided Aggression. 

Conceived in 2004, Randy Allcock (Guitars), Ben Dobson (Guitars), Rob Demedeiros (Vocals), John Ryan Godfrey (Bass) and Ben Taylor (Drums) combined forces to unleash a high quality brand of heavy metal virtuoso. I don't believe they're reinventing anything but they are simply doing it harder and better than most acts could dream of. Consistent dedication to the music has allowed this quintet to become a staple in the Canadian metal scene and a growing name around the states. I want to take a moment to emphasize the bands' commitment to their sound as some members are handling new family lives and other entrepreneurial ventures such as Fun Fest and still prevail as enthusiastic contributors to the band. It's a long road to the top (if you wanna rock 'n' roll!) when you are trying to make it in today's music scene and to honor Misguided Aggression's tenacity I want to review and definitely promote their latest album release, Flood The Common Ground off of Year of the Sun Records.

Alright so although I'm a young buck I still prefer the traditional 'album' style of releasing music and when this album opened up with a minute long convoluted, euphoric, and politically catalyzed  "Intro" I was immediately intrigued. The political "theme" continues with "Winter Soldier" and I want to point your attention towards the break down at about 1:06. Have you ever wanted to eat a fetus? Well, I hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes here,  but I'm pretty sure I just had a full serving of Kentucky Fried fetus, completely inspired by the breakdown in "Winter Soldier." Without completely dissecting the entire album I want to also highlight the instrumental virtuosity  of the third offering on the album, "Chasing Sanity." I believe this is what makes the band special and draws a lot of comparison to the likes of Meshuggah and other "math metal" type acts. Sludge base at 0:15 gives way to trance-worthy guitar riffs that are only further complimented by the overwhelming vocal assault provided by Demedeiros. For you music theorists out there please take a listen to this song and the plethora of unorthodox time signatures intertwined with brutal drum flurries and just the right amount of what I like to call 'stop-n-go's". 

Although I'm not doing a full track-by-track breakdown I must insist that Flood the Common Ground by Misguided Aggression is a great album and through listening to all the way through (at least like 20 times). Beyond reviewing this album I will certainly be keeping track of this band as they progress through the metal ranks.

Intrigued??? Go check out their sites below!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Subliminal Verse #7

“Hitler’s Nightmare”

Deterioratingboundaries of morality
Forgettingfoundations of civility
Believingwhatever the fuck you tell me to!

Do me a favor and refrain from raping the proverbial freedom of choice us romantics cling to in times of desperation
Not naive enough to buy into freedom, but God damn what else do we have to put false hope into?

Affirmative blacktion staining the capitalism and brotherhood the doctor dreamt about back in ’63.
Illegal immigration floods our tolerance of de-evolution and injures any respect that was left for the United States of Ignorance.
As if the blank pigment of western civilization wasn’t fucking it up enough on their own.

I have a dream
I have a dream

Wake to the buzz of mediocrity and the relentless cycle of conformity we call a culture and let God’s bravest activist cry out

Equality is not for purpose of the feared or the scare
But what we’ve created is no better than Hitler’s nightmare...