The Source: Subliminal Verse #7

Friday, February 10, 2012

Subliminal Verse #7

“Hitler’s Nightmare”

Deterioratingboundaries of morality
Forgettingfoundations of civility
Believingwhatever the fuck you tell me to!

Do me a favor and refrain from raping the proverbial freedom of choice us romantics cling to in times of desperation
Not naive enough to buy into freedom, but God damn what else do we have to put false hope into?

Affirmative blacktion staining the capitalism and brotherhood the doctor dreamt about back in ’63.
Illegal immigration floods our tolerance of de-evolution and injures any respect that was left for the United States of Ignorance.
As if the blank pigment of western civilization wasn’t fucking it up enough on their own.

I have a dream
I have a dream

Wake to the buzz of mediocrity and the relentless cycle of conformity we call a culture and let God’s bravest activist cry out

Equality is not for purpose of the feared or the scare
But what we’ve created is no better than Hitler’s nightmare...

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