The Source: Subliminal Verse #3

Monday, February 14, 2011

Subliminal Verse #3

“You’ll See

Knowing failure without absorbing it marks the parable

In an environment fervent with excuse and unsupported plea, he’s risen like a solitary black rose in a field of dandelions who lost their flowers because the kids already made their wishes and blew them away

A surface level analysis projects arrogance and disregard for others but you’ve judged too quickly, like the prosecution on another innocent tattooed nigga from the streets you’re afraid of

While you’re smiling with your 9-5, and your suburban dive, raising 3 kids with no drive, fucking your trophy housewife, and telling everyone in the world you have a good lifeyou’re dying inside
Who am I to critique himyouanyone?

You’ll see

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