The Source: Anti-Ode to Hollywood, Roxy Theatre, and Boyce Ave.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Anti-Ode to Hollywood, Roxy Theatre, and Boyce Ave.

Hollywood, where the talentless are paid to perform and the dim witted pay to see them.

Rarely is a night in Hollywood viewed with such a pessimistic lens but let me explain.

Public Parking---$20
Concert Ticket---$35
A night full of cynical jokes, and misguided frustration---PRICELESS

If you plan on going to the Sunset Strip anytime soon do yourself a favor and bring your own alcohol to the gig!!! Not only will this save you money, but when your staring at a stage with fucking Boyce Ave. upon it, you're gonna need something to take the edge off.

Also, if you're tall like myself be prepared for the 14 year old crowd to be pissy when you stand in front of their already damaged view of the losers on stage.

This post is nothing more than a rant so take it for what it is.

Also, Boyce Avenue....YOU FUCKING SUCK!! hahaha no one wants to hear 3 bashful crackers doing acoustic covers of Katy Perry. Please break your guitar and slap your father across the face for ever purchasing it for you!

And now I'm done, haha

Shout out to Ms.ThugNasty for enduring a night in Hollywood with me!

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  1. World let me tell you, this was one of the worst/ironically the best nights I've had this year so far. I must admit the Taio Cruz cover by Boyce had me swayin a lil singin "AYYY OH", or maybe it was my alcohol filled water bottle kickin in. Regardless, if things go unexpected and up shits creek, remember to have great company with you to share the chaos. I was fortunate enough to be with this lad.