The Source: Skrillex: Bangarang EP, Voltage LP, and RE:Generation Film

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Skrillex: Bangarang EP, Voltage LP, and RE:Generation Film

Keeping up with the dubstep world has become overwhelming these days with millions of Djs trying to make a name for themselves and of course the massive amount of  electronic adaptation attempts by traditional artists and established stars. However, if there is only one DJ that you keep up with in 2012 than it might as well be Skrillex.

So what has the prince of dubstep been up to?

Released: December 23rd, 2011

If you haven't heard it yet than you must be walking around with your fingers stuck in your fuckin ears because the seven songs that make up Skrillex's fourth EP release are bangin! Surely you've heard the title track "Bangarang" as it has made its way onto nearly every radio playlist in the country and even got some love on the billboard charts (who the fuck checks billboard these days?). 

As you have surely figured out, I am a huge Skrillex fan! So, it is no surprise that I love the new tracks, and while I've enjoyed the live teasers and leaked clips of the recent past, this crisp clean studio recording is the best way to embrace the tunes. The name of the game for this album is definitely 'exploration.' For old school fans of Skrillex (uhhh like 2 years old??) there is certainly a lot to get excited about. In fact, the first track on the album, "Right In" relishes in what I would declare Skrillex's core competencies: Diluted vocal atmospheres laying over top building electro-house until a brief pause and.....DROP! Lather, Rinse, Repeat. 

The album takes a sharp turn into experimentation starting on "Bangarang" and really takes off into the unknown after that. "Bangarang" is exactly what the dubstep world asked for. A mainstream radio hit that is accessible to the masses and still unique and intriguing enough to appeal to the die-hard, more technical fans of Skrillex and electronic music in general. This track also introduces us to some samples of Sirah, an up and coming female rap/pop talent from Los Angeles. Sirah truly shines on "Kyoto" where she is able to lay down some full bars and present her ambitious delivery style. 


My favorite song from the EP, and by far the most experimental, is "Breakn' a Sweat" featuring the surviving members of The Doors, Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger, and John Densmore. The track is part of a project knows as Re: Generation. The idea was to take modern DJs/producers/artists and attempt to mix their creative styles with those from entirely different genres and time periods. Skrillex of course, is Sonny Moore who used to front the post-hardcore band  From First to Last. Because of this experience with traditional song writing and structure Skrillex has become a master of collaboration with notable recordings with metal band Korn. Manzarek and Moore hit it off immediately and all interviewers and insiders point to a very smooth and effective collaboration. sounds like it! The track opens up with an eastern cultured keyboard riff by Manzarek and when the drums roll in it instantly becomes very dance-able. Great start....then.....Krieger's wandering guitar is warped into the mix and soon enough you're eyes light up by the surprising sound of the almighty Jim Morrison as he is sampled in. Now, the only thing missing from this epic concoction is thhhhh---DROP!!! 

One of the best examples of two genres, and furthermore two distant time periods, collaborating together to create something amazing. It is certainly an electronic song, but Manzarek's keyboards and Krieger's guitar licks are admirable for their acclimation and breadth. I think even Jim Morrison wouldn't mind putting his name on this one.

"I like to say this is the first new Doors track of the 21st century," Ray Manzarek tells Rolling Stone

"Breakn' a Sweat" from Re:Generation

Banagarang gets an A+ from me and The Source and I encourage all of you (electronic fans AND electronic haters) to buy this album (yes...with money and everything) and open your mind to experience new musical horizons.

I also wanted to allude to the upcoming LP Voltage. It was talked about heavily a few months ago but it appears to have lost some steam recently. I wonder if Voltage sort of morphed and dwarfed its way in being Bangarang. Perhaps the rumors of A-list collaborations like Pretty Lights and Nero are holding up the creative process. Maybe he is just taking his time in order to make sure his first full length cut is a fuckin banger! Or the more likely chance that Hollywood politics (Holla-tics!) are slowing down the release of the records just to figure out more ways to make money off the deal. Either way I'll be on the look out!

Until next time friends!

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