The Source: POLL: Vote for "Who is the greatest dubstep artist?"

Thursday, January 19, 2012

POLL: Vote for "Who is the greatest dubstep artist?"

What? Where? When? and Who the fuck is Dubstep?

Is Dubstep a genre? a sub genre? a cultural phenomena? a lifestyle? a dance?

I suppose the answer to these questions would depend on who you ask, but in my personal opinion Dubstep is NOT a new genre, but a cultural re-imagining of electronic music and its impact on youthful rebellions and belief systems. This might sound a bit over-analyzed and academically exhaustive and is haha. My explanation is first based on the obvious fact that electronic music is NOTHING NEW!!! It has been around for decades and even when narrowing the spectrum to 'high-intensity', 'bass heavy' , 'dance' music...we're talking 90s alternative bands like The Prodigy. So I refuse to recognize it as a new genre but I will admit that there is something fresh about the Dubstep movement. I believe this 'fresh' or 'exciting' vibe stems from the combination of the dynamic range of sounds possible in electronic music and the youthful rebellion embodied in the scene. for more information on my perception of this movement feel free to check out my article here:

Alright, now that I have completely alienated my audience with by dejecting Dubstep as a genre and going on to even justify my outlandish claim it is time to get to my point. 

Who is the greatest Dubstep artist around?

I propose this question because I want to understand the elements of music and/or artistry that are regarded as special or remarkable in the eyes of the general population. So through some basic understanding of who is popular as well as some web research (cough cough Wikipedia cough) I've gathered a reasonable list of artists who could possibly hold the throne. Regardless of whether or not these artists represent a group, band, DJ, or anything else, please do not let that affect your vote. 

I simply want to know which entity represents the greatest achievements a midst the Dubstep phenomena. Combine your knowledge of each artists catalog, live performance, popularity, record sales, word-of-mouth, etc. Also, I am NOT a Dubstep expert and admit that I may even be completely ass backwards in all of my judgments so please feel free to leave your comments below! Also, if you want to do your own research or need a quick refresher on the artists you can simply click their names below to go to their respective websites.
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Here are the following candidates that I have nominated for this pole:

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