The Source: Subliminal Verse #6

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Subliminal Verse #6

"Boardwalk Empire"

Swift with justice and swifter with crime
This town by the seaside is a melting pot
That isif sin could melt at such a low temperature

I’d invite you in but we’re telling secrets behind these ties
I’ll tell you the secret but remember my friend
That was just a war, but this is Atlantic City
Everyone dies

I guess you’d call me two-faced but I can assure you
The truth is I’ve no less than ol’ Harding
Home of the stripes and the stars, hell, you can keep ‘em
Prohibition? Thanks for the raise and promotion!

Hypocrisy is older than the bible itself
You better hope that when you pray they can hear you in hell
Now everyone shake your fists
Both hands clinched in the air and you never thought twice
Bet you didn’t think once

I want to fuck you
He wants to fuck you
She’s fucking him, I’m fucking that other girl, and oh yea, haha, your also fucking her!

“Here’s to the lost
God damned Darmody; I guess he asked for it
Here’s to Darmodythe lost

Just tales of our history as a country of wealth
The story ain’t half as noble when you look through the bottom of a bottle
Let’s attempt to fight the fighters huh
Reminds you of modern myths of a certain green herb don’t it?

Time is alcohol and alcohol is money
Remember when Jim Morrison spoke of a funeral pyre
Well I did him one better, Welcome to my Boardwalk Empire

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