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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Top 5: June 2011

And while you hit the beaches and man the BBQ
 ring you are definitely going to need some new tunes to bring in the season.
Well, I have a treat for you my friend, check out my Top 5 bands for June 2011 as I give you a preview of their best and latest work below as well as to your right (mp3 player, etc.)

 Foster the People
New to the LA scene in 2009 Foster the People have risen to fame with their undeniably catchy pop-rock jams. The band name evolved to represent the "taking care of others" imagery of the band and while this may seem a bit cheesy and overly romantic, one thing is for sure, their songs take care of the masses! Their debut album peaked at #8 on the Billboard charts thanks to their huge hit single "Pumped Up Kicks". I'll let you listen for yourselves but this song is certain to spark a party-wide sing along and smiles galore. Happy, catchy, poppy tune that will leave you wanting more!
Official Music Video Click Here!

Black Veil Brides
Okay...Okay...I know what your thinking...these guys are ridiculous posers who dress themselves with every heavy metal cliche they can imagine and deliver music to hot topic shopping little pussies. And well, your probably a 100% accurate! However, I'm here to say that while their appearance is a bit over-the-top Black Veil Brides are great! They music is heavy enough to appeal to the headbangers and the choruses are clean and clever enough to make you sing in your car when your stuck in traffic on the 10 freeway. In fact, if people could listen to their music without having to look at them or be so fucking judgmental and narrow-minded than I think their music is good enough to be called brilliant. So for all the haters out there you heard it here first: Black Veil Brides are heavy as fuck and entertaining and they are here for awhile so you can enjoy or continue to hate them because of your masculine insecurities. Below is their latest single "The Legacy"!!!!
Official Music Video Here!

Red Fang
Good Ol' Rock 'n' Roll mother truckers!!! Riff heavy with a fast paced groove that'll make you wanna drive a '58 Chevy 100mph down route 66!!! Another newer band on the scene that is on the rise hard! They'll be playing at this year's Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival and I'm sure they'll be the cause of much attention on every date. They song "Wires" is a powerful jam-blast of melting guitar licks and melodic prowess.
Official Music Video Here!

The sound is in the name....imagine for a second the multitude of sounds that would swarm the atmosphere if you were to actually wrestle a bear!!! This female-fronted metal quintet is a brutal primitive onslaught of destruction that refuses to be ignored. The aggressive growls and howls of singer Krysta Cameron will have most men questioning their masculinity because she is one tough badass!!! The icing on the cake is their unique fusion with electronic soundscapes and melodic vocal tangents that make them completely original!!! It's hard to find words that describe the truly mind-blowing assertiveness of their sound! Take a look and  listen to "Danger Manger" and tell me you aren't intrigued!
Official Music Video Here!

Limp Bizkit
Don't Call it a come back!!! Okay, actually it's totally a comeback because we haven't heard new material from these guys in many years. But does anyone really care? Nu-metal is the red-headed step child of the heavy metal genre and people take pride in their ability to make fun of the corporate rock era of the late 90s and early 2000s. However, I challenge you to bite your tongue for a bit and listen to the music. There are a handful of acts from the Nu-Metal era that did a great thing for metal music in the mainstream and still remain utterly relevant in the music landscape. Limp Bizkit in my opinion is one of those bands. We love to hate them and well, it's easy to see why, but bottom line is they're music kicked ass and their new stuff seems to be another shot at rap-metal glory. Check out "Shotgun"!!!

So there you have it! 5 Bands and their 5 jams that caught my ear!

Tell me what you think!!! there's a lot to discuss here and I know your dying to detest my do it!

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