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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Live Show Review: Skrillex, Porter Robinson, Innerpartysystem and more!

June 24th, 2011
Pomona, CA
The Glass House

It was 7:30pm as the sun began to set over Southern California on a much anticipated Friday evening. A line of hundreds wrapped around the block as electro-heads readied for their head first dive into their senses. Ladies putting the final touches on their scantily designed wardrobes and everyone pops their favorite pills as the event neared.....8pm....doors open....MINDS BLOWN!!!!!!!

This young trio hit the stage first and did as good as any opening act could hope for. The crowd was enthusiastic and certainly responded well to the heavier beat drops in the set. IPS performed a traditional DJ set which is unique for them as they are often more hands on with their stage act with a live drummer, multiple microphones, etc. A remix of "American Trash" especially hit hard with the fans as a flurry of rhythm rushed the ears of the crowd. Perhaps most interesting here is the aftermath of the IPS set. Everyone wanted more!!! A lot of people in the crowd were familiar with IPS and the general consensus was, "They kicked ass....why so short?"

This is no misnomer. When the beat drops during his set, it sounds like the fuckin juggernaut bitch!!! Full of overloaded bases anthems and crunchy tones this guy was taking no prisoners. While some DJs certainly aim for a fun night of dancing, this guy showed that he was there for nothing more than to kick your ass with some of the heaviest dubstep around. His stage presence was simple....simple...simple. Too simple in fact....but the beats hit too hard to matter!

Aaaaa Zedd, the kid from Germany that people just can't quite put their finger on. His remix of "Zelda's Theme" has made him famous over night but the world has far from figured out the mind of Zedd. One thing for sure is that he is not your average DJ. You know anyone today still playing "Move It" by Reel 2 Real??? Zedd makes it clear that he is willing to try anything at least once. This became especially clear when he crowd surfed upon a blow-up raft during Skrillex's set later in the evening.

Name on the map....master of house music....internationally toured....dubstep exploration....played with Skrillex, Deadmau5, and Tiesto....AND.......HE'S ONLY 18 YEARS OLD!!!!
I hate to strangle the guy with his age but as a 20 year old I'm always blown away by the success of superstars that are younger than I am! PR is straight up fun! Whether he's hitting hard with the drop of a dubstep-esque beat or enchanting the crowd with techno PR makes you wanna move! Porter Robinson was by far the most enthusiastic DJ of the night! Jumping around and dancing to his own awesomeness PR was there to have a good fucking time and trust me, you would have too! When hanging backstage with all of the acts and their inner circles it became obvious that Robinson was special, and everyone is expecting big things from him in the future!

The man we all waited for did not disappoint! Skrillex hit the stage and it was clear that the crowd was a little star struck to say the least. I've never seen so many cell phone cameras in my life! Skrillex, a man always living in the moment pleaded, "Put those cameras away guys, let's have a good fucking time here in person!" There's not much to say about his performance other than WOW.  A special mix of "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" went over well with the crowd as do all of the popular hits. When the crowd chanted "I want to kill everybody in the world" over a frantic dance floor it was clear that Skrillex had the crowd by the balls. However, the climax of the set came with silence as Skrillex announced a tribute to the late Ryan Dunn! Ten seconds of silence and a finale track would end the night on a note of admiration for a fallen hero. Skrillex is to be admired for his artistic ability and well, he was cool enough to talk to me a bit backstage too so I'm a fan! haha

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