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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Help Support Campus Crusade for Christ

Campus Crusade Intern Lauren Egbert is doing her part! 

In order to raise support this summer Ms. Egbert is telling her story and spreading the good word to the world! Read her preview and show support in anyway possible and that definitely includes re-posting her info on Facebook!

Lauren's Initial Message:

"When I entered UCSD three years ago my goal was to finish in three years as a psychology major, attend graduate school at Point Loma, and start my career as a school counselor. However, something unexpected happened my second year of college that placed me on a different path.
I met a group of students and staff members from Campus Crusade for Christ and through them I came to understand what it meant to have a personal relationship with Christ.

Growing up I identified as agnostic, and although I had a very loving family and generally great childhood, in high school I was involved in an abusive relationship, and as a result I had a very low self-esteem and began to find my worth in what men said about me. This view of myself still existed when I entered college, but in my first year at UCSD I had a close friend who encouraged me to get involved with a Christian group on campus.

I met a group of people from Campus Crusade for Christ and began going to all of their events and one night during my second year, I attended church with a suitemate and heard a service on God’s unconditional love and grace. Up to this point, I had only experienced a love that was based on my looks or my abilities, but He loved me simply because I am His and was made in Him. I had been so focused on finding my worth in men, who constantly failed in providing me love that I was blinded by the fact that I had a God who loved me unfailingly. That night I gave my life to Christ and every moment since then I have been surrounded with the Campus Crusade community who has consistently encouraged me to grow in my relationship with Christ, giving me a deeper understanding and love of who He is.

Beginning to understand the love he has for me has given me a huge desire to share my relationship with Christ with others and I have been given an amazing opportunity to do this by serving with Campus Crusade at UCSD for an entire year! My team and I will devote this next year to building relationships with students, sharing the love of Christ, and presenting the opportunity to respond to the gift of salvation. I have already started a bible study with a group of freshmen girls and have seen immense growth in their relationship with Christ and it has been a blessed and humble experience allowing God to use my life to accomplish his work.

Because Campus Crusade is a non-profit organization I must raise all of my support this summer. Therefore, I'll be meeting with people and telling them this story, answering their questions regarding the internship, and asking for support in three ways:

- Financial support (either monthly or one-time gifts)
- Prayer
- Referrals (of people you may know who would be able to support me)

Thank you so much for reading my story and if you would like to set up an appointment with me or support me in any way call (951) 961-7807 or email at:

God bless!"

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