The Source: SPRING BREAK!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Spring Break has arrived!!!
But why do we care???

Alcohol, Drugs, T&A, Bikinis, Beaches, Alcohol, Girls, 
Parties, Scandal, oh, and did I mention ALCOHOL!!!

What has cause this insatiable need to over indulge? Why is it that every Spring the youth of our nation conforms to create sexual chaos spiked with drugs, booze, and whatever the fuck else we can think of.

The origins of "Spring Break" can be trace back to 1935 when a Men's swimming team WAIT!

Let's Party!!!

Here's my Top 10 List of Must haves for Spring Break Greatness:

1. Unlimited supply of Alcohol
2. Beach/River/Lake Atmosphere
4. Good Looking Self (Prepare Early People)
5. Money...never let finances hold you back
6. Drinking or Stripping Games (Both in 1 Game equals bonus Points)
7. Sunscreen!!
8. Drugs (optional, yet enticing)
9. Place to sleep (optional, yet enticing haha)
10. Phone (call home to get bailed out of jail)

What's a must have on Spring Break for you?
What's the hottest spring break spot on the planet??

Discuss, debate, and detest....The Source

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